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Step Five – Get Out of Debt!!

Benjamin Franklin once said that he would rather go to bed without dinner than rise in debt.  Dave Ramsey, Author of the New York best-seller ‘The Total Money Makeover’ said that there are no shortcuts to getting out of debt.  Last week I used the analogy of TWSG being like building a two-story mansion where… Continue reading Step Five – Get Out of Debt!!

Step Four – Save

If Third World Success Guide was a two-story mansion Steps #1, #2 and #3 would be building the foundation of our mansion.  It would be dug in a solid rock, deep and immovable.  Step#4 which I introduce and will discuss today would be the ground floor of success.  This step would be building on those… Continue reading Step Four – Save

Step three – Track your Income and Expenses

In the previous two weeks I introduced step #1 and #2 of the 10 steps on how to make it in the third world. Step #1 highlighted why getting yourself educated and/or developing your skills/talent is important.  In Step #2, we showed why earning an income in a timely manner is vital, and also highlighted… Continue reading Step three – Track your Income and Expenses

Step Two – Earn Income

Last week I outlined the definition of a Third World country and introduced step #1 of the 10 steps to make it in the third world. For the first step in succeeding in making it in a third world country, we demonstrated why getting an education is paramount. Why is it important? In case you… Continue reading Step Two – Earn Income

Step One – The Begining

There are ten steps that can be used to construct your success in a Third World country. The principles I will outline here, from my own experience living and growing up in Jamaica, are the foundation and the pillars which can be applied by citizens in other Third World countries and even First World countries… Continue reading Step One – The Begining