Step Ten – Philanthropy

Nobody lives forever, at least not yet.  You have spent your life building wealth and building a legacy for your kin.  But how do you ensure that the good you are doing will impact many lives now and also long after you are gone?  You do this through philanthropy.  In step#9, we showed where legacy planning is about leaving something lasting for your dependents; Philanthropy is about leaving something lasting for the human race. In this the final step of TWSG , step#10, I will not be discussing just simply donating to charity, but actually tackling a world issue and leaving mankind in a better state than you found it.



Step #10 – Philanthropy



What is Philanthropy? –  As used in this article, philanthropy is having love and compassion for your fellow human beings and everything in nature, so much so that you give considerable time, money and effort toward causes that will preserve and make life as we know it in our universe, better.


Why is Philanthropy important? –  If it was not for certain financially free private individuals and companies over the years, some research that has been critical in pushing the human race up the hill of progress would not have occurred.  Some of greatest good came from these efforts.  Some issues will otherwise never have been images (11)worked on much less be solved, if it was just for profit or if we waited on governments, some of whom are more concerned with getting votes than making a positive contribution to the human race.  These philanthropic efforts and contributions actually makes the world a better place, people would literally die otherwise. We wished that everyone with power and wealth helped to  advance the human race, however this is not the case.  Therefore in conjunction with those around the world that are already doing their best to play their part, we here at TWSG believe that once we have made it through to our tenth step, making a difference with the wealth we now have is the most important part of all ten steps, otherwise our success would be incomplete.


What issues are being worked on or being solved by wealthy individuals? – The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation are working on many fronts to tackle numerous issues that affect us as human beings.  Among the foundations goals are eradicating diseases, supporting the global initiative to eradicate poverty by 2030 and to help with education especially at the graduate level.  Mark Zuckerberg CEO of social media company Facebook wants to eradicate  all diseases by the end of this century.  He along with his wife Priscilla Chan also wants to see the education system upgraded so that its personalized for each student.  They are also passionate about protecting the environment from climate change.  Elon Musk, although for profit, is trying to help reduce green house gases and combat the effects of climate change with his companies Tesla, which is an all electric vehicle company and SolarCity, which is a solar cell company whose primary images (13)goal is to reduce the cost of solar panels and have it widely available and used by the masses.  Elon also wants ensure that the human race is a multi-planetary specie to insure against any mass extinction event that may wipe us off one planet, human beings would be occupying other planets, specifically he wants to colonize Mars by 2040, with his first manned flight to Mars projected around 2024.  One gets the feeling that although his many companies are for profit, he would be doing these things for free if he could.  The projects that Musk are now overseeing are all major innovations that are helping to push humanity up the hill of progress.


What are some of the problems we can look to solve?  – There are many issues that we at TWSG would like to see solved both here locally in Jamaica and around the world. Below I will list some of the issues that myself and fellow TWSGers and successful people around the world should consider in their Philanthropic endeavors.

  1. Universal Financial Literacy – The more financial literacy there is, the less poor and struggling people there will be.
  2. Universal Fight Against Crime – This is a touchy subject with many layers.  But a human being is more likely to be killed by another human being than any other animal in the known universe, statistically.
  3. Universal Free Internet and Communication – Knowledge is the new currency. Those with access to the Internet and communications have an infinite advantage over those who don’t.
  4. Universal Access to Healthcare and Medicine –  Need I elaborate?
  5. Universal Access to Education – refer to Step #1 of this TWS Guide.
  6. Universal Recycling Programs – Natural resources are finite.  Recycling will be a key and big industry going forward.  Besides it has the benefit of cleaning the planet of pollution.
  7. Sustainable and also Powerful but Clean New Energy Solutions.
  8. Super-food – That can eradicate hunger.
  9. Fast, Cheap, Reliable Safe Local Transportation.
  10. Natural Disaster Resistant Planet and Communities.
  11. Preservation of Planet and all living and near extinct species.
  12. Water preservation and cultivation.
  13. Helping to reduce the national debt of your country on condition that government never again go down the road of national debt being more than 50% of GDP, and will be held accountable by its citizens and prosecuted by regional courts if corruption is found and a referendum by the people calls for prosecution(slippery road, tread cautiously).
  14. Establish a Universal Wealth Fund – that is allowed to accumulate compound interest for 50 years (refer to Step#6 of this guide).
  15. Plant Trees in Urban, Mined and Desert Areas.
  16. Create a charity that shows people how to become a success and in turn ask them to help five people to become a success and in turn those five will individually help another five and so on. Instead of just giving hand-outs which will only help a man for a day, teaching him how to be successful will help him/her for a lifetime.
  17. Cure aging.


download (11)Type ‘Make a difference’ in the comments if you have read all the way to the end.  You have done the hard work and are now a Third World Success (TWS).  Also please share with a friend or family member whom you wish to see succeed.  And remember success is not a destination but its the journey.  By reading all ten steps you already have the seeds of success embedded in your DNA.  You just need to nurture it now and read these articles at least 10 to 15 times so that you will know them by heart and these principles will become a part of who you are, a Success.


Our actions now will determine future results.

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